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The leader in Online Charity Auctions.

Kompolt´s eBay Charity Auctions drive brand awareness, consumer engagement, and cause loyalty by combining the influential power of charity, celebrities, and brands.


Since 2001, Kompolt has raised over $50 million for charities around the world. Our annual Warren Buffet Lunch eBay auction has raised a stunning $15.6 million for the Glide Foundation – with a winning bid of $3.45 million in 2012 making it the highest-priced single item ever sold on eBay!

Notable totals for some of our other clients:

GRAMMY® Charities (to date): $3.3 million

Incubus for Make Yourself Foundation (to date): $1.03 million

Gwen Stefani and No Doubt for multiple charities (to date): $577,000

Adrienne Shelly Foundation (to date): $359,000

Ellen DeGeneres for multiple charities (to date): $336,000

TwitChange: $674,000

Quilt Pink for Susan G. Komen: $540,000

Blizzard Entertainment for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital: $500,000

EMI Music for Red Cross Japan Relief: $465,000

Carroll Shelby Foundation: $272,000

Star Wars for Stand Up To Cancer: $160,000

Kiss Mini Coopers for UNICEF: $130,000

And many many more!

We offer clients the chance to achieve a broad impact across social networks with our socially driven methodology and years of experience in raising money for causes on eBay.


Kompolt continues to help connect causes, brands, and celebrities in more ways than ever before – and help to raise money and awareness for non-profits they care about.


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